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Our Commitment To Quality Continuing Education

We support our professions' commitment to continuing professional development and lifelong learning. 

As a medical professional, you already know that you are required to acquire a certain number of hours of continuing education each license renewal period.  For that reason, many medical professionals take classes that they are not interested in or ones that fit into their busy schedules just to fulfill the requirements.  Often these classes are presented by an instructor reading from a PowerPoint slide with very little class interaction or participation.  While that delivery method is fine for online courses, we feel that in-person classes should be interactive and engaging.  For that reason, all of our classes are presented in a fun, interactive, and engaging way that facilitates learning.  After all, why attend a class if none of the information is going to be used in your clinical setting?

Mission Statement:

Invictus Educational Services, Inc. is committed to providing relevant, evidence-based continuing education programs to the medical field.  Our courses provide information to enhance the skills of the medical professional that translate into improved patient care, increased patient engagement in therapy, and improved functional outcomes.  We strive to present material that improves the quality of care that therapists and other medical professionals provide to their patients.



Greg Benson

Ph.D.,M.S., M.Ed., PTA


Dr. Benson became passionate about education early in his career.  Throughout the years, he has developed over 20 continuing education courses to all levels of allied health providers including:    PT/PTA/OT/OTA/LMT/DC/MD/RN/ATC. 

Dr. Benson has been named as the instructor development course director for National Rehab Fitness Professionals Association. 

He has been a keynote speaker for The Pfrimmer International Association Convention, as well as other education conferences.  Greg is the author of several martial arts, fitness and rehabilitation books. As a CEU provider, he has taught classes in Florida and nationwide from 2000 to current, having taught over 900 classes. His goal is to continue providing dynamic, quality CEU courses to my colleagues.

Greg is a third-degree black belt in the martial arts style of Shorin-do Kenpo, and placed 5th in the US open invitational tournament.

As a Florida certified math teacher, Greg also teaches SAT prep courses and advanced math courses.

Valentyna Nesterova

Dr. Val


  • DPT from Nova Southeastern University

  • MS in education and literature

  • BS Exercise Science

  • Credentialed Clinical Instructor

  • Certified Fitness Specialist

  • Group spinning instructor

Dr. Val, born and raised in Kharkov Ukraine, came to US in 2000. Education: MS in education and literature from Ukraine,  BS in science from FAU, DPT from NSU, clinical instructor for NSU for more than 10 years (DPT program).

Certifications: Clinical instructor APTA, CSS, personal trainer, spinning instructor.

Currently the Rehab Director/partner at orthopedic care center and Advanced Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center. 






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