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Quotes from course surveys
  • You guys are great! I love  your courses, your mission and Greg is so knowledgeable and very entertaining!! 

  • Greg is very knowledgeable and funny. I've taken all of their classes and can't wait for more to come. 

  • Great course. Great speaker. I learned a lot.

  • I thought I was going to work  on my laptop during the day; but the instructor was so good that I didn't get a chance to. Great class!

  • You made this class enjoyable and easy to understand and follow.

  • Absolutely loved it. Teacher is entertaining as well as informative. Easy to learn from. Would gladly take a class from them again.

  • I really enjoyed this class - I wasn't looking forward to a Sunday class but the instructor made it enjoyable. 

  • Great info - will see you again!

  • Great course and the instructor is extremely knowledgeable as well as a great teacher. 

  • Best course I have ever attended!

  • Greg made the class so enjoyable and interesting and he is extremely knowledgeable. 

  • Very informative on topic!

  • I would definitely enroll in another course.

  • This was an excellence course.

  • Instructor is impressive and motivating

  • The instructor's sense of humor made the day fly by. Great course.

  • Awesome!

  • Instructor encourages participation, is enthusiastic and well prepared.

  • Definitely recommend this course.

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